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Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014


Well it´s been another week here in Chimbote, Peru. I´ve seen lots of miracles and I have felt the Lord´s hand and love some much. It looks like you received miracles on your side of the equator as well. There is always something to be grateful for that´s for sure. 

A pattern I´ve noticed throughout my mission and I guess life, is that almost always just before something wonderful happens, the adversary does all he can to discourage you so you won´t take those steps forward to witness miracles. Usually our hardest moments happen so we can´t witness such spectacular things. I try really hard when I´m having a very bad day or moment to think that I have to keep going, because if I don´t, I´m going to miss out on something wonderful. This last change has had it´s ups and downs, nothing to bad, but I have been so blessed to see the Lord´s hand especially in this last week and I know it´s after the trial of our faith that the miracles come.

Camila passed her interview a couple of weeks ago and we have had some awesome lessons since with her and her mom. Her mom wants to be baptized as well and so we have a partial family to work with. Love that.

The Goicocheas chose a date! It´s kind of far away so we are going to work on that, but they chose a date. Another family. Love that too.

I was able to do interchanges with one of my great friends from the mission, Hermana Mathis. She´s from Reno and she is great! We had a lot of fun and we saw a lot of miracles. I got to celebrate part of the 4th of July with her which was great because she shares my love of holidays. We went and played soccer in the morning and then made pancakes for breakfast. We got one of the members to track down root beer - not an easy task - and he also got us Dr pepper since there was only one can of root beer. He also got us Pringles which we hadn´t asked for, but. he got them because they´re American. So we made root beer - Dr pepper floats and since the zone leaders had to come fix our shower due to a lack of hot water for a couple of days we shared the tradition. They thought we were crazy, but they seemed to like them. Then when Skirvin came back we had some awesome lessons and then had a ward activity - movie night. So we got to eat some popcorn and watch a cute Disney movie - The Rise of the Guardians - it´s one to buy if you haven´t yet. It´s definitely on my list. In the end, a super good fourth. Much better than last year where we didn´t do one thing haha.

I sure am happy I have a loving family. I´m happy you had a safe weekend and that you´re doing well. I love you lots!

Love, Hermana Butterfield

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