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Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Welp, here it is folks! the last email. Aren`t you glad you won`t have me harassing you via email every week?

This is a lot harder than I thought. It`s hard thinking of leaving these people that I have worked with and have loved so much. I know there is a time for everything, however, and I look forward to seeing your faces as well, in the airport, waiting for me, with balloons, nephews, simply lemonade and a bag of Sunchips. hehe. 

 Monday we had a p-day with all of the sister missionaries from two of the three zones here in Chimbote. We made pancakes. Hermana Skirvin and I found pancake mix and maple syrup so we did that. It was fun.

This last week reconfirmed to me of the love the Lord has for each and everyone of us and how he knows each one of us so perfectly. We were able to have some good successes, to meet and help new people, and to have  some really good talks. 

Camila has decided that she wants to be baptized. For sure this time. please keep her in your prayers as she has not a lot of support from those in her family. The plan is for her to be baptized this Friday and confirmed on Sunday. It will be a small reunion but we are happy with her decision. 

We also were able to go to the baptism of a young man that has been investigating the church for quite a while. He`s very cool, but I think he also lacks family support.

I had to give the lesson in gospel principals with not a whole lot of prep time. It was on the word of wisdom and I won`t lie  I was a bit nervous because we had an investigator that was visiting for the first time. We had met the night before and let`s be honest that`s not probably the first thing she was expecting to learn about. It ended up really good though and she actually seemed to have a great experience -- minus when her and Camila went to the bathroom - her phone fell in the toilet and now doesn`t work  ....   dang.  Other story though. Her and Camila clicked really well and I am happy for that.

My ward is progressing really well. They were awesome when I got here, but there is always room to grow and they are blossoming. Sometimes having the right people in the right calling makes all the difference.

I don`t really know what else to write...I feel so strange to know this stage is coming to an end, but I am grateful to know there are always more plans in the Lord`s time table. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Make good choices, know I love you, I pray for you. Read your scriptures, say your  prayers, go to church, don`t do drugs. 

Love Hermana Butterfield

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Well hello there, all! Just so you all know today I complete 16 months in Peru. Kinda crazy! 

This last week was pretty good. We had zone training and the zone leaders asked me to give a short training 20-30 minutes on some things relating to obedience. I think they had me do it because if anyone got mad, well, they can´t be mad at me too much longer haha. No, but it actually went really well. I was happy to do it and I got good feed backs. My zone leader said that I had had the correct people read the correct things. Who knew? Kinda cool.

There was also a stake talent show. We were going to do a skit, but there just wasn´t time. It was really fun though. The Elders did a skit about chewing gum that every one liked. 

A cool thing that happened as well, we got a new ward mission leader. He is the husband of our pensionista. He´s a good guy. He´s been through a lot and recently received the ability to have a calling again. This will be great for him to remember the importance of the basics and get involved again. He loves the mission work so I think this is perfect for him.

Super funny. Our bishop is a gem. On Friday he called and asked if I had ever seen the movie The Ring. When I said yes he said, you have seven days...well you have a few more than that, but not by much. haha so funny.

Segundo Goicochea received the Priesthood yesterday! Wahoo! He should be blessing the sacrament next week.

It´s been really sad to think of leaving these people behind. Really this week it has been hitting me that there is a good chance that I will never see any of them again in person and it hurts a bit. I am grateful for this time that I have had to love and grow and serve the people here. I do love them so much and I know that I was supposed to be here for them to touch my life forever. 

I love you all so much. I hope you´ve all had a great week and that you all know how much you mean to me. Thanks for your love and support.

Hermana Butterfield

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Happy birthday to Ana, Chrissy, and Sara this week! How great is it that we get to share a birthday month? Love you all lots!

 Wow ! Another week. Let`s be honest, it ended really good.
We had multi zone this week which was really good. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and our message that is so unique and special for the world. It is so unique and it is so special. We are so blessed to know that not ALL roads lead to God and His kingdom. We know exactly what we need to do, and we know that even if we mess up, theirs someone so perfect that makes up the difference.

The stress of this time winding down is starting to hit me pretty hard. Is it too gross if I tell you all I threw up for the first time this week because of it? I woke up at like 1 in the morning and my mind was going nuts. my stomach was dizzy and stressed too apparently haha. I`m good though. I actually have a cold now though...not related...but kind of a bummer haha. 

We went and visited the Bishop`s wife on Friday night with some goodies and then  went and helped her Saturday morning. She had their 3rd son a few weeks ago. He`s really cute and it was a good chance to get to know her a bit better and to help her out. Very good people.

This Saturday Segundo and Consuelo were baptized! I was super happy. The baptism went really well. Some interesting things happened though. Our ward mission leader had gone in the morning to clean and fill up the font. The awkward moment was when they go to get in and the water has gone down and it only went up to their knees. It was an interesting experience getting Consuelo to just sit in the water and go back. It worked out though. Their nephew had come in from Trujillo to do the ordinance. Pretty cool. Super cool too that the leaders had come to the baptism to support them. All of the high priests came to do a musical number as well. It was...pretty funny. Who knew that Far, Far Away on Judea`s Plain was such a great baptismal hymn? WHAT?! oh Peru. I will miss your  quirkiness haha. But the best part was when they got up to bare their testimonies. Such a sweet spirit present. The Bishop also shared a few words which was great. He`s awesome. When he speaks he actually reminds me of dad a bit. He just makes things so personal. Very cool.                 
Well, I hope you all had a fabulous week. I sure love you and know how much you deserve it. Read, pray, go to church. It`s true.

Hermana Butterfield