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Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Can you believe that we are going to finish February this week. I certainly can not. Aun mas, I can`t believe that in finishing this week, I finish one year in my mission. At times it certainly feels like a year, and at other times it feels like a short time ago I was anxiously waiting to leave to serve. Time is a strange things, and oddly enough, I don`t think that that will change.

I am enjoying my time here in Gedeon. I`ve gotten accustomed in this month here and my companion and I can hardly believe that we will finish yet another change. Hermana Ascencio completes 4 months in her mission today. At times I feel like she`s the senior companion. She`s such a support. 

We had many many blessings this last week. A few down moments, but it always seems when things are the hardest that is when the Lord then blesses you the most. I think that that is so true in life. It`s after our time of testing and trial that he shows us his hand or if we are humble we recognize that he has been carrying us the entire time and has supported us in those moments. 

We had four investigators in church on Sunday which was awesome. We are definitely seeing the Lord blessing this area and interestingly enough, we see more success when the members are involved.That is usually how it goes though, so no suprise there.

I was happy to hear from you this week. I`m glad to hear that things are going well. I want to extend the challenge to take a few moments to reevaluate a few things. Where are our priorities? How are we doing in our daily scripture study? Are we praying and conversing with our Father in Heaven? How are we doing in keeping the covenants we`ve made? Are we recognizing the tender mercies of the Lord in our day to day routine? I`m going to try to do the same. Sometimes we just need a few minutes to reevalute.

I hope all is well and that everyone is happy. If you`re not happy, what is stopping you?

Love, Hermana Butterfield

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Another week has come and gone. How strange. I feel like every Monday comes faster and faster. 

This week was pretty good. We played volleyball on Monday as a zone. It´s so sad at how horrible I am at sports, but whatever. It´s always fun. We had a family home evening with a couple of the recent converts and watched a video of John Tanner. What a cool story. What faith.

We had a service project on Friday, as well, where we went and helped the Elders (I can honestly say I don´t know what happened with the other Hermanas. They never came). It was interesting. I´m just saying that if you ever want anything done in a decent time and you want it done well, don´t call missionaries. We helped them get there living room prepared to paint. Elder Dennis, one of my zone leaders, said that it looked better before. We didn´t do a lot of painting, just prepping -- sanding and scraping walls. The family seemed content so that is what counts.

My area is massive. Did I say that last week? We do a lot of walking. I had a nasty blister and my companion took a needle to it. What a gem. It´s still there...but I can at least walk now haha. It continues to be hot, but it´s been nice because we´ve been blessed with cooler nights and a breeze. It´s hard to sleep sometimes, but, you know I have troubles turning my mind off. 

Things are good. Hermana Mathis, she´s one of the Hermanas in my zone just got called as one of the sister training leaders. She´s going to do great.

My comp, Hermana Ascencio is 20 and is from Lima. She really is a sweet girl. She works hard even when she is struggling and I am so grateful for that.

Well, not a lot has changed. Just keep working. I always love hearing from you and hearing what is new. Thanks for the pictures and thoughts. I´m always game for a letter and photos. Enjoy the snow, but don´t let it get you sick. 

I love you tons!  hugs and kisses and happy valentine´s day!
Love Hermana Bug

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Happy birthday, Logan! One year and walking! So fun to see your videos and pictures. I hope that your party was fun.

I got the pictures that you sent. DANG I love my family. Ya´ll are so dang attractive. It was so fun to see all of you in different moments. You all look so good.

Changes have been...good...kind of a huge change, but good. Crossing a couple streets is a bigger change than I thought. I´m closer to the ocean which means more money. My area is MASSIVE and it has money. We spend more time walking from place to place than we do teaching and in areas with money...well, I feel like I´m back in my first area to be honest. I have to readjust my mind as to what success really is in the mission. 

My companion, Hermana Ascencio, is a gem. She just finished her training and she is a hard worker. We both have fun blisters on our feet and after long days she still keeps her head up. I know she´s tired and hurting and frustrated at times, but she holds it well. She works well with the people and we get along well. It´s an adjustment to go back to pure spanish 24-7, but she´s patient and we have fun together.

My new zone, also pure Latinos almost and more Elders. I didn´t think zones like that existed anymore haha. My last zone was almost pure gringos and Hermanas. I´m excited though because I know my Spanish will improve a lot.

We have worked a lot with less active members and new converts. It´s always interesting to hear their stories and see new life styles. Haha we were teaching a new convert, he´s got to be in his late 60 probably 70 something about family history and temple work. He was trying to decide who would be worthy enough in his family to have their work done. This guy. haha I think he will understand a bit better with time in the church. He´s pretty new.

Well this week has really just been a lot of readjusting. I hope things are going well where you are. Know that I love and pray for you and wish the best always. Chins up. 

Love, Hermana Butterfield