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Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Another week has come and gone. How strange. I feel like every Monday comes faster and faster. 

This week was pretty good. We played volleyball on Monday as a zone. It´s so sad at how horrible I am at sports, but whatever. It´s always fun. We had a family home evening with a couple of the recent converts and watched a video of John Tanner. What a cool story. What faith.

We had a service project on Friday, as well, where we went and helped the Elders (I can honestly say I don´t know what happened with the other Hermanas. They never came). It was interesting. I´m just saying that if you ever want anything done in a decent time and you want it done well, don´t call missionaries. We helped them get there living room prepared to paint. Elder Dennis, one of my zone leaders, said that it looked better before. We didn´t do a lot of painting, just prepping -- sanding and scraping walls. The family seemed content so that is what counts.

My area is massive. Did I say that last week? We do a lot of walking. I had a nasty blister and my companion took a needle to it. What a gem. It´s still there...but I can at least walk now haha. It continues to be hot, but it´s been nice because we´ve been blessed with cooler nights and a breeze. It´s hard to sleep sometimes, but, you know I have troubles turning my mind off. 

Things are good. Hermana Mathis, she´s one of the Hermanas in my zone just got called as one of the sister training leaders. She´s going to do great.

My comp, Hermana Ascencio is 20 and is from Lima. She really is a sweet girl. She works hard even when she is struggling and I am so grateful for that.

Well, not a lot has changed. Just keep working. I always love hearing from you and hearing what is new. Thanks for the pictures and thoughts. I´m always game for a letter and photos. Enjoy the snow, but don´t let it get you sick. 

I love you tons!  hugs and kisses and happy valentine´s day!
Love Hermana Bug

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