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Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Well, it`s been another week. I survived changes and I will be ending here in Gedeon in Chimbote with Hermana Skirvin. This will be my fifth change in this ward making it the longest time I have in an area. Four changes in Los Jardines in Trujillo. Three changes in Bellamar in Chimbote. And now five in Gedeon. I`m happy to be ending here with so many people that I have come to love and consider family and close friends. I can`t quite believe I`m on my last change and I`m hoping that I can just finish off how I should.

Super bummer about changes -- Elder Cortez, our zone leader got changed to Trujillo. He finishes with me so he got changed on our last transfer. So sad. He`s definitely become a good friend and we have been saying since we got here four changes ago that we were going to ¨die¨ here in Chimbote Buenos Aires together. Nope. I will be the only one in this zone that finishes this change. Here come all of the trunky jokes straight to me....bah.

This week was actually really rough for me so I`m hoping that this next week can be better. One good thing that happened though is that Saturday morning we went to clean the church with Segundo Goicochea. He`s one of our investigators and he really wanted to help clean the church and let me tell you what, he understands the importance of where he worships. He and his inactive daughters took more care in cleaning our assigned area than our most active members all with enthusiasm and care. He`s a great guy. We`re going to try to work with he and his wife to get there date moved up.

Sunday was good. We had ward counsel like usual, but it ran over quite a bit because the first counselor of the stake presidency came and I`m hoping that the semi-training that he did will be beneficial. Our ward is really good, but the counsel lacks some umph in getting things done. Then we got permission from Hermana Editta to go have lunch at another family`s house. It was good...really oily, but it was good and I love the family so it was lovely. Just so you know, carbrito is not lamb like I always thought...it`s goat. I love goat. Who knew? I found out as of yesterday. hehe

"Many times we await instant solutions for difficulties, forgetting that frequently it`s necessary to put in practice the celestial virtue of patience." That might not be a direct quote, but it`s close. It`s something I have to remember and learn to put in practice more. It`s been the theme of this last week.

I love you all! It looks like you had a really fun, hot weekend. Save me some huckleberries please. I`d love some good pancakes or crepes when I get home.

Hermana Butterfield

P.S. That is definitely Heather`s child. She is beautiful. 

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