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Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Happy birthday, Brisbane! I thought of you all day yesterday. I can´t believe you´re two years old now. Let´s go to ice cream soon okay?

Let´s see. Biggest news of the week: Segundo and Consuelo Goicochea passed their baptism interviews this week and will be getting baptized on Saturday! After months they are doing it! To think that they have had missionaries for years trying to help them and that I have had the privilege to work with them as well makes me so happy. I´m happy that I will be able to end seeing them make these sacred covenants. He originally chose the 29th of August. That´s cool. I kind of like that date a bit, but I told him I wouldn´t be here and he said, no you have to be here and so now they will be baptized the 2nd of August at 3:00 pm and his family is coming in from Trujillo for it. It will be a very special day for all.

Another very special thing happened yesterday. Last week Bishop called to talk about some things since we hadn´t gone to church. I was talking with him while H. Skirvin was resting and he told me that an elderly man had come to church and had asked if I was there. When I wasn´t there he asked the Bishop for our address and our wonderful Bishop said that he couldn´t give it to him, but that I should be here the next week. He cautioned me to be very careful. He was concerned because he looked like a man ¨from the street¨and just didn´t want anything bad to happen. I had a few people from Bellamar go through my head and the person that matched the description would have been puzzling. But I was right. I don´t know if you ever remember me talking about the Rebasa family, but Hermano Rebasa has been inactive forever. Hermana Lasike and I worked with him a lot and although he never reactivated, a very beautiful friendship developed with me and his little wife. We even started to work with his son and I received a small package with a letter and a note from Hermanas Lasike and Evans telling me that his son had reactivated. A very special moment for me. Anyway. Yesterday in church Hermano Rebasa came. He said he told me before I left Bellamar that he was going to come see me before I returned to the states and he couldn't fail his promise so I was able to chat with him for a moment and he gave me a lot of chocolate. Even better, i got him to stay for sacrament meeting in the other ward with his granddaughter. I love that family and I was grateful to see him again.

I have read and re read the talk becoming perfect in Christ by Gerrit W. Gong of the seventy. I love it and I invite you to read it. It is a talk for young adults, but it is so relevant to all of us and the love Christ has for us.

I hope you´re all doing well. Be happy. Love life. Read your scriptures. Pray.

Hermana Butterfield

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