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Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

This last week was pretty good. Tuesday we had to be a the bus terminal at 6:30 in the morning so we could see everyone off that was leaving Chimbote and take Hermana Taylor since she was sending her companion off. We went back to our area, ate breakfast, got ready and went back to the terminal to help all of the missionaries coming into Chimbote get to the  church building. Long morning but always good. Our zone leader also asked that I go buy poster board and stuff to make a happy birthday sign for President Marler. Did it. Didn`t turn out super awesome, but I did it. 

Our meetings that we normally have Tuesday were moved to Wednesday. When things get switched up the week always seems to go a bit differently which is pretty nice sometimes. 

Thursday morning we went to play soccer. We play soccer about 3 times every week which is really fun. It really helps my companion and to be honest it helps me a lot too even though she`s good at soccer and I`m terrible at it haha. It`s fun though and I`m improving a tinge. This last week, however, somehow collided with one of the young men that always comes to play. I hit the ground pretty hard and I'm a bit bruised up but I'm fine. Poor kid felt so bad and what do you do in situations like that? You try to make sure the person is okay and help them up but when he tried all the elders started yelling "Don`t touch her! What are you doing?!" Poor guy!

We had interchanges again. Always fun. I went this time with Hermana Childers to Chimbote Chimbote and Hermana Mathis stayed with Hermana Skirvin. it was a good thing. I always like working with the Hermana leaders. Hermana Childers is actually cousins with Chris Childers. remember him? She`s from Idaho Falls and we are in the same group haha

Then Saturday Hermana Skirvin wasn`t feeling super great and that night threw up twice and couldn`t keep anything down.  We went to the clinic Sunday morning instead of church and she got an iv.  She slept pretty much all day yesterday and the elders came to give her a blessing last night.  She`s doing better today. Not 100% but a bit better.

Times going kinda quick and I`m pretty excited to see you all. How long are you guys going to even be in Peru with me? One week? 

love you all.

hermana butterfield

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