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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Are we really almost in April already? I can´t believe that very well. 

I´m sorry to hear about Grandma Beth, but so grateful to know what we know. I know that we will see her, and all those we love again. Although we will miss these people, we can feel peace knowing that the Lord has a marvelous plan for all of us. 

View from our pension
This week was a little strange. Monday and Tuesday I stayed in for most of the day. I´ve been a bit under the weather and our leaders decided it be best for me to rest. Monday p-day my comp and I just rested in our room and Tuesday one of the sister training leaders, hermana Mathis, came after our meetings and we did splits. She went out with my companion and I stayed in the house of our pensionista. How lame. It was boring, but it was good that I rested I suppose.

I don´t know if I´ve told you, but we´ve been teaching English classes on Tuesday nights. Hermana Mathis, Hermana Taylor (she´s the newest missionary), and I. It´s for investigators, members, missionaries. It´s been pretty fun. I can´t say we´re the best teachers, but it´s good because they can here how to pronounce things better. I know I have been so blessed to serve somewhere where I only hear the language I have to speak. It´s hard to learn a language if you can´t hear how to pronounce well.My companion has been having some stomach trouble and so we spent Friday in the clinic for most of the day with the zone leaders. They´re so funny. People here are so dramatic. But my companion is all right and feeling a bit better. 

Then on Saturday the zone leaders have started to go around and do checks in all of the pensionistas houses. So they came and ate lunch at our pension. We felt a little weird. You get used to eating just the two of us and then you throw more people in there and suddenly you feel crowded haha. 

We had a training meeting with all of the wards in our stake last night. It was really good. We are really trying to get them to see the importance of the work of salvation. I think it went really well.

Jose is progressing really well and we are excited to have his baptism on the 12th. He literally is a golden investigator and we are loving working with him. He just progresses all the time.

I know the Book of Mormon is true. There is no doubt. It is such a wonderful tool that we have to help guide and direct us in these days. I can´t wait, however, to be able to listen to a living prophet this weekend. I hope that we can all prepare well to listen to his words and be humble and willing to put in practice his council.

I love you all so much! Keep being good.! Smile.
Love Hermana Butterfield

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