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Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014


I´m so glad you got my small package of pictures! My zone leader just finished and I decided it would be easier to send it with him to send from Texas -- hence the return address from Texas. I`m glad it got there.

Well it`s Monday again. Last Monday we emailed our families, went and made some purchases and then we went to the area of my district leader to watch a Disney movie, eat lunch, and play ping-pong. Our zone leaders came as well. It`s always fun to do stuff with more missionaries. It`s a little strange now though because there used to be another gringo in my district and another gringo as zone leader, but they got changed in transfers and were replaced by Latinos. I am the only gringo in my district haha. My spanish is gonna rock by the time I get home haha.

Tuesday was a little weird because normally we have zone and district meetings, but because we were going to have a multi zone conference we didn`t have meetings, however, we did have the opportunity to clean the church on Wednesday to get prepped for the conferences that they were going to have there later in the week.

I always really like having the conferences. Sometimes they`re long, but it`s always fun to see the President and his wife and hear what they have been thinking about. They talked a lot about obedience and how important it is and also about keeping our minds clean. Hermana Marler shared a story about her grandson and how he had gotten a sliver in his hand and only two years old didn`t think to pull it out. Within a few days his hand was swollen and was hurting him really badly. When his mom realized what was wrong she pulled it out and with it came blood and pus, but with proper care within a short time his hand was healed. It`s the same with our minds. We have to take care of them and treat them properly. We can`t let little things grow into big things. We have to take them out right away before they can grow and become a bigger issue. Whether it be issues with pornography or thoughts of uselessness, we have to be careful and if necessary, get help. I liked it a lot. 

Isaac, an investigator that had a baptismal date told us he wanted to wait longer. I know his family is discouraging it a bit. He still wants to get baptized, he just wants to wait a bit longer. bah...the work continues.

On the other hand, Camila is progressing. We were able to teach her the WOW and the law of chastity. The WOW is hard for her because she likes coffee, but she is willing to live it. awesome! She came to church as well and stayed for all of the classes this time! yes.

One of the recent converts, Luis, introduced us to one of his friends, Jose, that he has been preparing. He`s already assisted the church and loves it. He`s downloaded things from the church website onto his iphone and has come to church in his white shirt and tie. He loves the Book of Mormon and we have been so blessed to teach him consistently throughout the week. He truly is a golden investigator. We set a baptisimal date and I know he`ll be ready.

Well that`s my life right now. The work keeps going. Please pray for missionary experiences and then when you recieve them, because you will, don`t discount them.

Love you all lots! be good! 

Love Hermana Butterfield 

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