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Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014


Well, we`ve finished another change. 6 weeks already. I will stay here in my area with Hermana Ascencio. I am excited because we have a few people we are working with that I`m excited to see what happens and it`s no fun to have changes when you have people progressing.

We had the baptism of Brisa this Friday. It was such a neat experience. Her brother Luis, who is also a convert of 3 months, was able to baptize her and seeing as how he was also conferred the Melchizedek priesthood a couple of weeks ago, he was also able to confirm her. It was so cool to see them so happy together as siblings. It made me think a lot about my baptism and that experience I got to share with both my brother and my dad. They were so happy and the ward is excited because Brisa has basically been a member for the last 3 months, she just couldn`t get permission.

We have started teaching a young lady, Camila. We started looking for her mom and she listened to us once but has been busy since. Camila is 18 and really likes what we teach her. I am excited to see her progress.

Changes are starting to get more and more sad, however. Pretty much all of my friends are finishing and going home. What a bummer. Elder Dennis and Hermana Pocco both finished this week. Elder Dennis` family came to pick him up and his mom and sister came while we were playing soccer on Saturday morning. It was a little embarrassing because I`m miserable at the sport, but whatever. It was humorous, however, because there`s an elder who always wants attention and since there was a camera he got really dramatic and was taking every fall very dramatically. How obnoxious. He got changed this transfer. But Sister Dennis was talking about a few different articles that she encountered before she came as she was researching Peru. One is called something like ¨Nephi, the first Incan king¨and the other is ¨The Nephi Code¨? Something like that. MOM DAD LOOK THEM UP. The first one at least sounded really interesting to me.

I ate Cui for the first time on Monday. It was really pretty good. My comp wasn`t impressed because where shes from they apparently prepare it better. It didn`t have a lot to it, but it wasn`t bad. I also got to gut and clean a fish and hold a sting ray, so that was cool. I`m ready to go fishing when I get home, dad.  I hope all is going well and everyone is well in health and everyone is happy. I love you all very much. Keep being good! 

Love Hermana Butterfield

Alma 8:15

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