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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

And, September is just about over. Can anyone believe that tomorrow starts October? Or that I hit my 7 month mark this last week? The time is nuts! I´m happy to hear that Elder Zarian was able to make it by this last week. I hope you enjoyed some of the snacks.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAMES ON SUNDAY! I hope it´s great. I hope that it can be a good day and that you all enjoy Conference this weekend. I´m not sure how that is all going to work out to watch it but I am definitely excited for the Ensign if anything.

Field of Marigolds on way  to Chimbote
My cockroach friend
I love my new area. It´s actually south of Trujillo and my area in Bellamar. It is the south most area in our mission that they send Hermanas. It´s really poor, but I am in love with it. We have a good room, hot water, and I´ve only had to kill one cockroach (: There are some paved roads here but they´re pretty ripped up and for the most part it´s just straight up sand. The days are getting warmer, but the nights are really quite cold and since we´re more coastal there´s always a breeze which gets really cold sometimes. My Companion is Hermana Lasike. She´s Tongan but from Vegas. She´s hilarious and it´s been a really fun experience this last week. We get along well and we both want to work so it´s a good thing

Moises Baptism
We had a baptism on Friday. The little boy, Moises (12), that was baptized is so sweet and the ward has really worked with his family. His little brother, Juan (9) was baptized the week before and they were both confirmed on Sunday. During the baptism I was so happy but I couldn´t help feel a little sad that I obviously really hadn´t done anything to help get him to that point, but the happiness came from knowing that this isn´t the last part was very strong. That he still has so much more to learn and I get to be part of that and hopefully a help to his family who still is on the border of accepting the Gospel.

This area is really good. The members in this ward are really supportive and the Bishop is trying really hard to make the mission work the center focus of the ward. It´s definitely a change, but it´s a good one and I´m excited to work more and more with them.

I love the Book of Mormon. One of the goals Hermana Lasike and I have is to read the Book of ¨Mormon in spanish every night before bed. It´s a good experience and in another language you have to think more about what you´re reading.

Well time is short. I love you all. Keep being good. You´re in my prayers.

Love Hermana Butterfield 

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