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Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

Happy September, everybody!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was such a good day. We had our weekly planning like we have every Thursday which lasts until lunch. When we went to lunch, my pensionista had prepared a surprise party with my District. She prepared one of my favorite meals and had cake and lots of other goodies. She and her husband had also stayed up until 4:00 in the morning making little goodie boxes for all of us. It was such a treat. Hermana Bedoya and Hermana Evans (other sisters in our zone) called me and sang happy birthday as well. We also had FHE with them (the Anticona family -- Freddy, Jessica, Patrick, and Fabrizio). Fabrizio turned 4 on Monday and I turned 22 on Thursday. We thought that was pretty fun. They truly are my family here. We talked about family prayer and the importance of it and the blessings we receive. We played games, too.

As to investigators -- Gonzalo our recent convert didn`t come to church this week. We were rather disappointed and concerned. So we called him after our meetings and he said that his mother had been sick so he had had to tend her. He also was sad that he hadn`t been able to attend. WHEW! But he had gone to a YSA activity this weekend and had really enjoyed it and was planning to attend a meeting at the church that evening to prepare to receive the Priesthood! WAHOO! Ok, we felt better. What an amazing feeling to have a convert progress more and more.
We recently started teaching a sister, Martha. She is golden as well. We have he baptismal date set for the 14th of this month. She also has been prepared to hear the Gospel. She is a sweet woman who has such good intentions. I really enjoy teaching her. We don`t really have to do much because she understands and wants to learn more.
The sad note for the week is that we are going to have to drop Santiago most likely. We have gotten to the point where all he really wants in a knowledge of things. He doesn`t want to use faith -- he just wants facts.
It`s caused me to think more and more about faith. Many times as people we want a knowledge of things. We don`t want to use faith. But there is a reason that faith is the first principle in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we have faith in Jesus Christ. we are willing to repent. When we are willing to repent, we permit the Lord to change us. We permit Him to change our very being and we can see hope and light in this life. I can`t imagine a life without faith in something more. It seems quite bleak and empty. But we have faith in something greater. That there is more to this life and that we can change. We show our faith when we follow the commandments of God and we follow the words of His prophets.
Thank you for your love and support. You are always in my prayers and I can feel yours as well. 
Love Hermana Butterfield

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