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Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hola family! Well, it`s been another week already!

We went to Chan Chan today! And the sun actually came out and it is warm today! Wahoo! It is a gigantic museum of ruins of the ancient people who lived here. It was really pretty cool. We did have a tour guide and I understood more or less of what they were saying. It was a cool thing to see and I can say that I`ve been to Chan Chan now.  

With Hermana Villanueva as the Leader of the sisters in our zone I have had various opportunities to spend time with Hermana Manwill in our area with just us. The experiences always are for growth. It`s really hard at times, but I know that I am able to grow and learn in more ways.
I also had the experience to spend the day on Saturday with Hermana Wayman (a new sister in our zone) in her area while her companion Hermana Carbone was in the clinic with Hermana Arancibia. Hermana Arancibia has been having some health issues as of late. They finally figured our what it was and she had to have her gallbladder removed. She was in a lot of pain and Hermana Carbone was her trainer so she wanted her there. It was a good experience to work with Hermana Wayman and it`s always good learning experience to go to another area and see the form in how other missionaries teach.

We are excited about the baptism that we will be having this week! Hermana Martha is wonderful and truly an investigator of gold. I would like to relate an experience that we had with her this week. We knew that we had to teach her the commandment of the Sabbath Day, but we were concerned if this would be her breaking point. She vends 3 nights during the week from 10 pm - 6 am. One of these days is Saturday which carries over into Sunday. She`s always been willing to leave work and come straight to church with us although very tired. Before I never would have thought much of this -- she`s willing and able to attend church and doesn`t work the rest of the day so there`s really no problem. But that`s not the commandment. I will admit I was hurting and scared to have to teach her this. When we taught her the law and told her what that meant, there was a look in her eyes that I can`t quite explain. It was almost a look of fear mixed with pain. She said, oh but I work Sunday mornings --- and without a second thought said --- but the law is the law and it`s written in the scriptures. I guess I will have to vend on Wednesdays instead. It broke my heart because as happy as I was and as grateful as I was at her preparedness and for the Lord`s hand in this experience, I couldn`t help but think of all of the times I have justified myself in shifting my train of thought and actions to fit my wants or my needs. This woman was and is so willing to make sacrifices that are very difficult. I hope that I can be so noble one day.

We have had many prayers and fasts answered in this last change and I am so grateful to the Lord in blessing me in so many ways that I am so unworthy to receive. He truly knows each of us so well and knows what we need, when we need it. He saves us in the moments that sometimes seem too difficult. I know He listens to us. I know He hears us. I know He loves us.

Be good. Be strong. Don`t do drugs.
Love Hermana Butterfield

Thank you so much for the birthday letters! It was such a treat to read them. I am so blessed to have had so many thoughts and love sent my way!

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