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Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hola! I just love receiving your emails. They make my days so much brighter! Just so you know, I ate cow heart. It was delicious. Mom and Dad, you´d be proud of me. (:

Well, this last week we had cambios. We lost Hna Maza, my big sister. She was transferred to Chimbote. It was a sad day, but we continue to work. It´s just me and Hna Diaz now. She´s a really good missionary and I am learning a lot from her. She really doesn´t know any English, so we both get to practice the very important Christlike attribute of patience...it´s up there in being important. She has been in our area (Los Jardines) para 7 months. This next change will be interesting to see what happens and this cambio is only 4 weeks. Not sure why, but yeah, weird. 

This week in my training I needed to learn to extend the invitation for baptism. I did it in two of our lessons and they accepted and we planned a date. We will see what happens there. In order to be baptized, investigators have to receive all of the lessons and come to church at least twice. Getting people to go to church is so hard. Even the smallest thing will deter them from going. It´s a hard change for many people.

We really don´t have any progressing investigators at this point. But we continue to try to find people to teach. Please continue to pray for the missionaries and that they can find those who are prepared to hear the Gospel. Better yet, give referrals! Referrals are really helpful. Also, if the missionaries have someone at church, please do all you can to befriend them right away. If people can have a good experience at church, they are much more receptive because they can better feel the love of Christ through the members of His church.

On Saturday night, we went to Esperanza to give Elder Cook and Elder Hales the baptism clothes. They had two baptisms and we were able to stay for them because the entire ward was in Lima to attend the temple. Sad for them, but it was cool to be there for it. They were two young men -- about ages 8 and 11.

A really good chapter in the Book of Mormon that my District Leader, Elder Espinal, had us read is in Ether chapter 12. It talks a lot about faith. I always wanted to have faith like the Brother of Jared...I´m working on it (:

Well, I love you all. I hope you´re doing well. You´re in my prayers and I think of you often. What a blessing to know we have each other forever, yeah?   

Love Hermana Butterfield

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