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Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

So some funny stories for you...mainly to do with my inability to pronounce certain words at times. These stories can go in my book of embarrassing moments like the rest of my life (:

So when you´re hungry you say yo tengo hambre -- I have hunger, right? the word for man is hombre. One day I accidentally said, yo tengo hombre...yeah, I have a man...obviously. Then, I was telling the family we pension with when my birthday was. August 29. But instead of Augosto, I said Augusto. The husband, Freddy, asked, who is Augusto? Hermana Jessica yelled, He´s her Hombre! They tease me about him a lot. But he came in handy the other day after one of our lessons when one of our new investigators (who is 63) asked if I had a boyfriend or was engaged because, well, he wants a wife (yeah no thanks). My companion said yes she is engaged to Augusto, he´s 29 and lives in the United States and is waiting for me. So if you all meet an Augusto who is 29...let me know, because I´m engaged to him and he hasn´t written yet (; haha oh my life.

Anyway, things are going well here. From enjoying all of the dogs in the streets and their little flea friends, to helping a lady pick avocados from her tree, Peru is always an adventure!

It´s been really cool to see Santiago (the first youth that was baptised while I was here) grow and get involved in his quorum. It´s really great to see how when you have people receive and magnify their callings how they bless lives. His Quorum leader has really taken an interest in their quorum and there is such a great unity now with the young men and they are embracing Santiago so well. He wants to start joining us in lessons which is awesome!

I am definitely learning that faith is a choice and not something that simply comes. It takes work, but it is worth it. Well my time is short today, but I love you all so much and for your examples to me. Thank you for everything you do and for who you are. You have made me who I am (the good parts at least)

Con amor,  Hermana Butterfield

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