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Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Hola familia!

What a week! New companion, WOW! Amazing. Seriously spectacular! Her name is Hermana Villanueve and she´s from Lima. She´s 22 and has been in the mission for 7 months. It´s hard because I feel like I´m being completely retrained in so many ways, but it´s a good thing. She is so strong and works through the Spirit. Nothing is really rote (which is difficult at times since I don´t know what to say a lot of times), but the people we teach are able to feel the Spirit which is more important.

We had the baptism for Melanie on Saturday! Wahoo! It was great because her family was there and everything was well organized (it helps when the Bishop and leaders have confidence and trust the missionaries). It was really special because Hna Diaz worked with Melanie for 7 months and it finally happened. Melanie seemed so happy and we are going to continue to work with her to help her grow and continue in the faith.

We watched the broadcast last night with all of the mission and the Turks said their goodbyes and bore their testimonies. Blech! So hard. The broadcast was rough because it was in Spanish so really there was a lot I didn´t get, but one thing that I thought a lot about was how we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves us, always. We have a brother who is the ultimate example of how to live, because he always taught and lived with love. Therefore, if we want to live effectively, if we want to become like them, we HAVE TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER! It is essential. There is no other way to live righteously. It will be so hard to have the Turks leave, however, they have been here for three years and their time is over. They have been a solid rock in this mission and will be greatly missed. We are anxious and excited to meet President Marler and his wife soon. Please pray for them that they can feel peace as they transition into a very rough call.

Something I´ve been thinking about a lot over the last few weeks are the birds here. I´m a little torn. Let me explain why:

On one hand, they are very religious creatures. Very close with God. A woman we were teaching one day said something I loved. That the birds are always praying, always! Always singing and praising the Lord. I loved that. I want to be like that.

On the other hand, the birds here are also a  little confused as to their nature. At times I think they´ve forgotten their grand gift of flight. They scuttle around, bound to the streets and sidewalks. The only time I see them fly is when danger is too close. Often times when danger draws near they simply scuttle into a bush. It´s not unless the danger is fatal that they fly. I´ve thought a lot about how as humans we forget our nature. How we stay so close to the world when we could be flying. It´s not until we have trials in our lives that really test us or really hurt us that we turn to the heavens. I fear that one day these little birds are going to forget where they are able to turn -- just as I have witnessed in my own life at times that I forget where I can turn. Let´s never forget our nature and that we are able to do so much more, we just have to turn in the right direction.

Also I have been loving studying the family the last couple of days. The family is key to our salvation. Hna Villanueva said something I loved the other day. We can do a lot to strengthen ward members, but if we don´t strengthen the family there is a problem. We won´t live with our ward members forever, we will be with our families forever. Bah! I loved that. Let´s please try always to strengthen our family. Pray together often, read together, eat together, play together, work together. BE TOGETHER!

I love you! Be strong. Love always. Remember your nature.

Love Hermana Butterfield

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