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Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Happy Father´s Day to all the Dads in my life! I love you all so much! Well, it´s been a week already! Time just seems to be flying! Let´s see, what´s been going on...

I have been studying faith a lot recently, it just seems to be the focus of my thoughts. Faith is truly the basis of everything we do. If we don´t have faith it´s impossible to do much of anything. I was reading in Hebrews Chapter 11 and I loved it. I invite you all to read it as well.

We have cambios this week. We found out last night that Hermana Diaz will be changing and leaving to a different area. It´s rather sad and I´ll be honest, I´m quite scared. She has been in our area for 8 months and knows it and the people like the back of her hand. I have 2 months here and...well yeah I couldn´t tell you much.  It´s so hard because everyone has 3 plus names and they say it so fast I can never really catch it. And the addresses are even worse to learn haha...oh dear. Elder Cook said that my new companion is awesome and probably one of the very best sister missionaries in our mission...no pressure.

Elder Espinal, our District Leader finished his mission today. So sad. He was an awesome missionary for sure.

So some good news, we finally got permission from Melani´s parents for her to be baptized! We´re planning on it for this Saturday! Hermana Diaz is really struggling because she has worked with Melani from the beginning for 7 months and now that we finally have permission she is being changed. It´s really sad, but I´m trying to stay optimistic...I can´t even imagine how she must feel. 

We also have started teaching a young man named Gustavo. We´ve met with him twice and he came to church on Sunday. Progressing investigator finally! He doesn´t have a strong belief in God, however, he wants to learn more. He also said he´d be baptized if he feels it´s true. Lot´s of prayers, please?

Also, happy moment yesterday, Santiago, the young man that was baptized when I first got here passed the Sacrament yesterday! It was such a cool feeling to see him practice his Priesthood. He is awesome and always enthusiastic to learn more about the Gospel and help.

This week we did intercambios and I went to the Zone Primavera with Hermana Bedoya and Hermana Arancibia (they are both in my district). We were talking with a woman that they know at her tienda when the woman reached into her shirt and pulled out a baby duck. What the heck?! Yes a baby duck, living, wrapped in what looked like a stretched out cotton ball. My guess is she was trying to just keep it warm since it´s been so cold. I laughed a lot after we left. Just so bizarre and I wasn´t expecting it at all.

Also, while in Primavera we helped Elders Cook and Hales set up for a mass wedding. It´s cheaper for the people to do mass weddings so their were 4 couples married on Saturday. Way cool.

We are trying to work hard always and trying to do what we can to strengthen our area. It will definitely be a change with a new companion so please pray that we can work well together and that I know enough about my area that I don´t ruin everything...haha...but really.

I love you all so much. Keep being good, keep being strong, and remember your covenants.

Hermana Butterfield

Faith without works is dead and works without faith is pointless!

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