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Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hola all!

Wow! What a week! A lot has happened so I will try to remember everything.  We moved to a new room! It has it´s pluses. It´s definitely bigger. Our room before was about the size of my bedroom at home if not a bit smaller (this included our bathroom as well). For two people that is probably sufficient, however, with three beds and three desks its a bit rough to move around. There were also some problems with the people we were renting from, but it all worked out. It was hard to not be able to understand what was going on, but I think it was for the better that I didn´t.

Our new room has three rooms. Definitely bigger. It´s nice too because it has a ¨kitchen¨as well (basically just another room with a big sink haha). So the space is nice. It has it´s adventures though. We have lots of little insect friends that like to play on our desks. Luckily I can´t see them in my bed...so that´s nice. I´m also growing accustomed to washing in cold water...they were supposed to fix the hot water after our first day or so, but that has yet to happen. It´s...fun... 

It´s funny because there are days that we will be walking and it just hits me...I´m in Peru! How insane is that?! Dad asked if they wear really bright colors here...not really. They really are fairly similar to the states in that aspect. There are obviously differences, but not a whole lot. You definitely get a bit more variety in which patterns are worn together that´s for sure haha

For two days Hermana Maza and I were without Hermana Diaz (she was at a training meeting). That was pretty rough. Hermana Diaz has been in this area for 6 months so she knows a lot! We managed though and everything worked out. 

Our ward is fabulous! They really are great people. I bore my testimony yesterday and that was rough. A sweet sister came up to me after church and hugged me and told me that the Spirit was very strong when I spoke and that´s what is important. I may not be able to speak very well, but if the Spirit is  still willing to be with me, I´ll take it. I definitely felt the Spirit during the meeting and was a bit teary. We have a pensionista (she prepares all of our meals) and her little three year old Fabricio (we call him Abito) asked why I was crying. She said it was because I was sad because I couldn´t speak the language like I wanted to and he said no, it´s because she misses her mama. He´s so cute. I just love their family. They´ve adopted us and I am so grateful for their love. And yeah, I miss my mama (: And all of my family.

Last Pday we watched a Disney movie called Puss in Boots. We are allowed to watch a movie once a month. I thought that was pretty cool. It was weird to watch a movie though.

We have a couple of people that I would ask you to pray for. One is a little girl named Bana. She´s nine and we just met her yesterday. She has been attending church with her cousins for a while and wants to be baptised. We met with her last night and taught the first lesson (I taught about faith and she actually understood me so that was cool), but if I´m understanding right, her parents don´t think she´s ready to be baptised.  Also for a young woman named Mali. She´s 22 and she actually found us! We were at the church for a zone meeting and she came in and asked us about what we believed. She is searching for a church. How cool is that?! We got her phone number and called her Sunday to remind her about church. She actually came so that was awesome! I hope that things can progress for her.  Also, for my companion Hemana Diaz. Her Grandma passed away and she is struggling. I admire her determination in pressing forward in the work and I hope I can be more like her in her dedication.

I was reading in 3 nefi 11:29-30 and it talks about contention and how it is not of Christ. Feeling of contention need to be done away with. This is where the attributes of Christ of patience and charity come in. They are definitely attributes I am working on. I challenge all of us to work on these, because as we do so, we are able to feel more of the love of Christ in our lives and for others.

Well all, I love you! You are a light in my life and I am so grateful for all you do for me!

Love Hermana Bug

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