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Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

Well, this week was a week!  Monday night I flew to Lima again. It was a smaller group this time, three Elders and myself.  Everyones favorite joke was that I was with the 3 Nephites...too bad they were all Gringos.  
don´t think the 3 Nephites are white, let´s be honest. It was fun. It wasn´t too weird to be without Hermanas until we went to go to bed and I had a room all to myself...I never thought I´d struggle with that.

Tuesday we spent the day in an office basically just waiting. Everything we had to do only took maybe 30 minutes in total, but the lines were awful. We were able to go to the temple though, not to do a session, but we were able to buy a few things and see the grounds. It´s really beautiful, and the Lima temple looks a lot like the Boise temple.

In the airport we bought a lot of donuts...they aren´t anywhere else so it´s kind of a thing. I bought 4 to share with my companions...ants got into them though so that was a waste of 10 soles.  And when I say ants got into them I mean ants...if it were only a few it wouldn´t be that big of a deal, but you really couldn´t see the donuts underneath them...so...yeah.

Wednesday we had a meeting with everyone finishing their training because Hermana Maza finished her training this week. President Turk said something I really liked. That our goals are to be like the stars, there to guide us, not to be the sticks that beat us. It´s so important to remember and not to get down on ourselves when we don´t reach what we think we should have.

We had our second baptism! Woohoo! Her name is Diana and she is 10 years old. It was really a cool experience because she was one of the first people I encountered here in Trujillo. We searched for her a lot and finally made contact. Come to find out her mom and brother are members less active. She was baptized on Saturday.

It was an adventure getting the baptism ready. Hermano Alexis the assistant to the President always prepared the font and other arrangements but he had classes. So we got to do it. Long story short the side yard of the church was flooded, the font wouldn´t drain and then it wouldn´t drain fast enough, we used buckets to make it go faster, all in skirts...45 minutes before the baptism...we were a little wet but it all worked out and it was pretty fun I will admit (:

A woman that we are teaching named Roxana continues to come to Sacrament meeting. She came this week with her 3 year old! She has to work so she always comes in her uniform and it´s a real challenge, but she desires to be there. It´s cool to see how it is changing her family, because her family life is pretty rough. I hope that it can continue to change for the better because it truly makes her happy.

Well I love you all. I hope you´re doing great! You
are my stars that help guide me in my life (ok, my brothers are kind of like sticks that beat me on occasion (; but I love you all the same).                           Con todo mi amor,  Hermana Butterfield

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