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Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

We´re in the last full week of June. Whoa. That´s kinda crazy. I hope that you´re all doing well and that your week was great.

This week was really pretty calm. It was really fun because on Friday we were able to go out proselyting with Hermana Marler for a couple of hours. The coolest part was that she was able to accompany us for a lesson with the Goicochea family. We had planned on teaching them about tithing and fasting because it was something they still needed and they had had questions, but when we went to start I felt like temples was something we should talk about. Our ward has their temple trip this week and I knew that Consuelo was looking at going to accompany her daughter Ana Sofia and just to see the temple and it´s grounds. Come to find out that Segundo, the dad, was also wanting to go and was going to talk to the bishop. It looks like they will be going. Although they won´t be able to enter, they want to go to see it. We asked the ward council to say lots of prayers so that it could be a good spiritual experience for them. We explained that a lot of times people feel that baptism is all that missionaries want people to do. I told them that that wasn´t my goal for them, but them being able to go to the temple to make covenants there was my purpose. They seemed to get it this time. I am really praying that when they come back next week they will be more prepared to make decisions.

Camila also accepted to have her baptismal interview! She accepted a date as well, but sometimes it´s hard to see if she really wants it, or if she is just saying things. We´ll see how her interview goes. We also asked ward counsel for their prayers.

We just keep working trying to find support from the members. We are gaining their confidence slowly, but surely. We may not be seeing fruits yet, but at least hopefully the ward can feel strengthened.

Saturday night there was a stake activity that we went to help at. We basically, as missionaries, took turns teaching parts of the plan of salvation. It was an activity for family history work and a lot of people left really excited about that work. Pretty cool.

All is going well here. We just keep plugging along. I hope you are all doing well. Love you lots!

Hermana Butterfield

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