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Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

Hello all!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Sadly, I live in Peru and this is a Mexican holiday. Oh well. Please eat some nachos for me. 

Also, Happy birthday to JAKE this week. I hope you can enjoy it. I send my love and well wishes and a big hug.

I am looking forward to Mother`s day! Wahoo! I can`t believe how quickly the time has passed since Christmas. I really don`t know if I will be able to use Skype or not. If I do, I may have to use the account that Anna has, but it is a real possibility that it will be a phone call this time. The internet really is not super good here and I would rather be able to have a good clear conversation. I was thinking about calling about 6:00 my time, so about 4 your time. So if you could all be really around 3:30 - 4 o'clock I`d be super happy. Just have Skype up and be near the phone and I will see what I can do. I`m just so excited! (:

Well, I feel like this week flew by. The time has changed I think. I think when the Lord says he`s hastening his work, he really has just changed time so he can come sooner, because it just doesn`t seem real.

We did an activity as a stake. We, as missionaries in my zone, were in charge of it. It was ¨a trip to Hawaii¨ we related it to the plan of salvation. I wouldn`t mind doing another activity like it, but a bit more well organized haha. The Elder`s in my zone are awesome, but as much as they ask for advice and ideas, they don`t like to take it. Oh well. We had a good turn out and a lot of our investigators came which was awesome.

Our investigator Isaac has his baptisimal date again! Lots of prayers please. He had a date before, but he was discouraged by his family members. I have faith that he will continue to progress. 24 of May. Lots and lots of prayers.

Also, Camila is doing really well. We had talked with her mom before, but she really didn`t show much interest, but as she has seem how happy Camila is, she has shown more interest. She came to church last week and the activity on Friday. Hopefully we can get them both really involved. Camila wants to start indexing and we are going to go with Jose (our recent convert) on Wednesday for him to teach her how to do it. Very cool.

Anyway, the church is true. I hope you know that I know that. I felt it so strongly yesterday as I sat in Sacrament meeting. The Savior lives. He loves us. He wants the best for us. He just asks that we have faith.

I love you all so much. I`m excited to talk on Sunday. MAKE it a good one!
Love Hermana Butterfield

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