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Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Well hello, all!

I`m a little shocked that we are now over halfway through May. Can you believe it? whew....So strange.

So this week was a lot better than the last week. It`s always interesting to see the things the Lord likes to teach us and the way he teaches us. But we were able to see a bit more success this week which is always such a blessing.

It was kind of fun because on Wednesday a family of a missionary that served here about 8 years ago came and we were able to eat lunch with them. It was the missionary , his wife, and his in laws. He`s the only one who speaks Spanish so kind of interesting, but  very good kind people and it was fun to see them and share part of their experience.

We are so excited because this week Isaac is getting baptized. FINALLY! He was going to be baptized a couple of months ago, but it didn`t happened. We got back in  contact with in him and he has progressed even better and he is excited for this Saturday as am I. He will have his interview on Wednesday evening. Lots of prayers please.

Camila  still isn`t wanting to make the decision to be baptized. She wants to, but there are a few things holding her back. It`s so hard because I know she knows it`s true, but she just won`t make the decision. As bad as this is it`s even harder because we have changes in two weeks and it`s so hard to leave an area when you have worked so hard with some people and you don`t get to see them make these covenants, however, I understand the Lord has his timing.

We have been trying to plan an activity for our ward to get references. It`ll be in  two weeks just before changes  --- noche de tortas. Translation - cake night. It`ll be just a chance to come play games and have a good competition and they win cakes. I`ve never done one, but I`ve heard a lot of good things. They are normal here and so I`m excited to see how it turns out.

It`s returned to be hot. It had been a bit  cooler for a couple of days, but it has been pretty hot and it just isn`t very fun. We are ready for a cool down and to not have mosquitos again....

 Things are going well here. I hope everyone is well and happy and seeing the tender mercies of the Lord. Have a wonderful  week !

Hermana Butterfield

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