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Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Happy birthday, Bubby! I loved seeing your pictures. What a beautiful nephew I have. Keep growing and having lots of fun and adventures. Be good for mommy and daddy and grandpa and grandma. We all love you so much. I`m sad that I`m not there to celebrate with you, but I trust that you`ll be well taken care of. Loves!

Well, this week was good. Sunday I gave my first talk in church! Woof! I talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in our lives and how we have to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon in order to have a firm testimony in any other aspect of our religion. With the Book of Mormon we know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, we know we have the Priesthood keys on the earth today, and that we have a prophet who recieves revelation for us today. As members of the church, we have to follow the invitation that is in the introduction repeatedly. Read, meditate, and pray to know that the things in the Book of Mormon are real and true. A testimony is somthing very fragile, and if we don`t nourish it often, it fades away. A testimony of the Book of Mormon is key in our conversion to Christ and to His gospel.

Something cool that happened this week: We have an investigator named Gonsalo. I visited him twice with Hermana Diaz and we really didn`t have a ton of success. With Hermana Villanueva we have visited him 3 times. The second time we went to teach him was completely different. He had read the pamphlet and had questions and was eager to learn more. We assigned him a passage to read in the Book of Mormon and when we went to teach him again he had read it. Many times the main problem with investigators is they don`t want to act. They want an answer, but they don`t do what they need to do to recieve an answer. We ask them to read the pamphlet for our next visit, or read a passage in the Book of Mormon, or pray, but they won`t do it and then they don`t understand why they don`t understand what we`re trying to teach. It`s really difficult. But there is a change when they act for themselves, not soley are acted upon. It`s just like in our own lives. Many times we want change, we expect change, but we don`t do what we have to do to experience it. He has accepted the invitation to be baptised and has accepted a date in August. We are hoping that he can continue to progress...if only he would go to church! 

quick thing, the new blog for our new mission presidents is kurtandkathymarler.blogspot.com

Another thing: for my birthday I would love to recieve handwritten letters from my family members and friends of testimonies and (appropriate) spiritual experiences or experiences that have helped shape who you are and or helped to grow your testimony. I`m asking now because I know it takes a while for the mail to get here. Mom if you could give people the mission home address so they could send them I would be grateful.

Well I love you all. Keep being strong and diligent. Seek for the good through the clouds.

Love Hermana Butterfield

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