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Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Well hello all! I hope all is well in the great states!

So funny story, no one here can really pronounce my name...hardly ever. In sacrament meeting yesterday the first counselor announced that for the next week Hermana Bootuerfiel has the first talk and Hermana Villanueva has the second talk. Over the past couple of weeks Hermana Villanueva has been working with the members in how to say my name. In a chorus (of mainly the young men) of various members they said Hermana Buh der fild! So the counselor tried again...fail. So once again the almost in unison Hermana Buh der fild! It was hilarious. After a few aproaches he looked at me and asked if I understood and continued on. Hahah I almost died laughing.

This week we had interviews with President Marler. I really do enjoy interviews. We´re able to go to the offices and learn together and separately. We have our interviews where we can discuss concerns we have and get to know one another a bit better. President Marler truly is a great man. Very humble but very driven to do all he can to help the mission grow and the missionaries progress. 

This week was good. We are really starting to try and work with the members and the presidencies of the organizations in our ward. It´s really sad when you see a ward struggle. We´ve determined something. When there are members who aren´t active, it´s usually because of one of two things: they have done something that they are ashamed of and really only need to repent, or they have lost their faith because they have stopped doing the simple things - reading the scriptures, praying, and well, assisting church meetings.

These three things are one of my favorite things we teach to people. They are three things so simple in our lives, but so vital for our spiritual progress. When we pray, we know God. We can feel of His love for us and be guided. When we read the scriptures, we know Christ. We learn of His life and His teachings and how we can progress to be better. When we assist our church meetings and worthily fullfill our callings, we know the Holy Ghost. We are able to feel of His peace as we worthily partake of the Sacrament (which by the way has been on my mind a lot lately. For so much time I have taken for granted the blessing of the ability we have to partake of the Sacrament. I invite you to study this topic. To be honest, I felt terrible because I was so ignorant of what a blessing it is, but the beauty of the Gospel, WE CAN REPENT (: ) These three things are so easy, so simple, and I know when we remember to do these things, we are happier because through them we are able to recognize our true divinity.

We are working with a young man named Gustavo. He has accepted a baptismal date which is awesome! It´s really hard to meet with him to teach but he has a great faith. We need to teach him about the Word of Wisdom...sigh... 19 years old and every Saturday he enjoys his whiskey with his buddies. Shoot dang it! But, we have faith that if he can learn about the word of wisdom, he´ll be fine. He has such great potential in his life and there are such profound blessings we recieve when we comply with this commandment.

hmmm...ok another funny story. So when we are in the offices for interviews, we get to play games as a zone with the assistants and Sister Marler. One of the games we played was just so stinkin hilarious. I will try to explain...It´s kind of like Big Booty, but in spanish. It starts with the King and he says, the king wants to marry the queen . The queen says, the queen? And he says, then with who? and she says the name of one of the other players who is a number. No one wants to marry the King and the whole time you´re trying to confuse one another because if they mess up they get sent to the last seat and the goal is to be king. Well at one point Elder Hales was the King and I was the queen. This lasted for about 3 or 4 rounds. Elder Chacon was pestering Elder Hales not to let it get him truky talking about marriage. It was really funny. I will have to teach you the game someday...brace yourselves, it´s in Spanish haha.

Well, I love you all so much! Keep being good, keep being strong, and continue to spend time with one another. All we have is our agency and our time, and let´s be honest, there´s nothing I´d rather choose than my family. 

Hermana Butterfield

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