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Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hola Familia!

Well, it`s been another week -- New experiences and new miracles

My companion Hermana Villanueva has a new daughter, Hermana Manwill. If you want to know what she`s like, think of my sister-in-law Chrissy. I`m not even kidding. They are identical. If I didn`t know any better I would think they were members of the same family. Being a big sister is a cool experience and I get the opportunity to help train her which is good practice. It`s a really humbling experience to see how far I have come in the language and in my knowledge of the gospel. I am humbled at the fact that the Lord has blessed us at this time an opportunity for me to torture my brain a little more. Translating constantly is hard. I can`t remember certain words or the order in how to say things in English sometimes but it`s stretching me and it`s really helpful for both of my companions that I am able to do it. Give me two more months in the field and I`m hoping to be basically fluent. Learning a new language is a love hate relationship and I`m learning to love it.

This last week I completed 4 months in the field and in the next week I will complete 6 months in my mission. I can hardly believe it. At times the time seems so slow but for the most part it is flying. I am so grateful for this grand opportunity and blessing that the Lord has given me and so many others to learn and teach His gospel. I learn so much every day about the conversion that we have to have to stay faithful.

We were talking to a less active member on Sunday and we started talking about our activity in the church. I almost started crying when he told us that after their conversion, his wife and children, after time became inactive. For 15 years he stayed active in the church. He held respective callings and fulfilled his role as a worthy priesthood holder, but one Sunday after 15 years of going alone, he stayed home with his wife to be with her and he never went back. He wanted to stay active and faithful, but without the support of his wife, with time it just got too difficult. Even now he yearns to go back, but he lacks the determination to take that first step. We are going to visit with them this week and talk about the importance of church attendance. That is something I challenge you all to study and ponder this week -- the Sabbath day and how we can better honor it. There are promised blessings that come from sanctifying this day. I promise you that if you can strive to find ways to better remember the Lord on this day -- the one day of seven that He asks for -- you will feel His spirit more profoundly in your lives. He will bless you with a peace and rest that comes only from Him. Please. Please. Please. Remember the importance of the gospel in your lives. We have no idea how blessed we are.

As to our investigators, my testimony of the law of the fast has once again been renewed. Gonzalo will be baptized this week! Please keep him in your prayers. He truly is an investigator of gold. We are so excited for him and this next step that he is taking to become closer to our Father in Heaven. With Santiago, we taught him this week about the Sabbath day (it`s been on my mind a lot as of late) and he came to church! He is progressing but he lacks a testimony of the Book of Mormon so we just need to work with him a bit more. Please pray for him as well. 

Well, family, I love you -- with all of my heart, 3 bags full. Thank you for your love, your support and your prayers. Always remember what you believe, but more importantly why you believe it. The Lord has blessed our family so much and he will continue to bless us as we live in accordance to His laws.

Love, Hermana Butterfield

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