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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013
Hola familia!
Well, It´s been a crazy few days on my front to say the least. I received my travel plans unexpectedly on Tuesday night around 5:30 and had to be to the travel office at 7:30 the next morning, so that was fun. 
Lets just say I was blessed to not be charged for having extra weight on my flights from Lima to Trujillo. My flight from Lima to Trujillo was probably my favorite because I was able to play tic tac toe with the little boy next to me. He didn´t know English and I obviously don´t know Spanish, but that´s the cool thing about love, yeah? Everyone speaks it!
I met President and Hermana Turk on Thursday night when I arrived in Trujillo along with the office assistants. It´s on the mission blog http://terryandjanetturk.blogspot.com/ that updates everything happening in the mission. I have two native companions! Hermanas Diaz y Maza. Stress...but it´s ok. That just means I´ll learn it faster, yeah? They´re very sweet and patient and remind me I´ve only been here a few days. And who ever said Peruvians speak a bit slower and more clearly got that one wrong.
We had a zone meeting (I thing?) on Saturday and so I met more missionaries which was fun. Our zone leader is Elder Cook and he´s awesome. I think I will definitely be calling him more than our district leaders just based on the fact he speaks English and will actually know what I´m saying (: After our meeting (that I had no idea what was being said) we all went to lunch at Norkys. They´re everywhere. It´s chicken and fries basically.
We can´t eat strawberries, lettuce, pork or ceviche (thank heaven for the last one, but I will miss bacon (: ha ha ) The food really hasn´t been bad. It´s definitely different, but I don´t mind it. I´m beginning to wonder if I have a cast iron stomach because anytime someone finds out I´m from the states they ask, how is your stomach? Are you feeling alright? It makes me nervous to be honest, but I feel fine. It will just take some getting used to drink water from a bottle with a filter and using that same bottle of water to brush my teeth.
I really don´t know what´s going on most of the time, but I get the gist. We have two baptisms this weekend! I think... ha ha. Sofia is 9 and Santiago is 14. I really don´t know their stories, but it has been fun to help teach (or at least be present while my companions taught).
I was reading in Mosiah and I am just continually reminded of the importance of humility. The Lord truly can´t work through us if we aren´t humble. It´s when we are humble, have faith and are willing to act that He can then lead us in the way He wants for us.
One of my favorite things still to see is fathers with their daughters. The family seriously is so amazing. I love seeing the love these families have for one another. They are in the most humble circumstances I have ever seen, but they are so happy. I had a conversation with some friends in the MTC about where I want to live when I have a family, and I was thinking the other night that I really just want to be somewhere where I would feel safe having my children go outside to play.
I love you all! Keep praying!
Hermana Bug 

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