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Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Happy birthday, to Chrissie Millet, Angela Erwin, and Kara Smack! I hope you had and have wonderful days! You deserve it!

Welp! Another week! Learning the language is definitely a struggle. I can usually understand the majority of what is being said in lessons or when a gospel principle is being talked about, other than that I´m pretty lost.  No baptisms this week, which was rough because we had two scheduled.  The little girl, Sophia, her father decided he didn´t want her to be baptized. She is sad, we are sad, the whole thing is pretty rough. Santiago the 14 year old boy we´ve been teaching had verbal permission, but not written, but he passed his interview, so this week hopefully! His girlfriend who has also been taking the lessons has a baptismal date as well so we will continue to teach her and hopefully everything will work out.
The customs are definitely different here. haha I´ve never been kissed nor have I kissed so many people in my life. That´s how you greet women and children, a peck on the cheek. They´re very warm people and very sweet. It´s different as well because everyone has a gate in front of their door. We rarely knock on a door -- we ring a bell or knock on the gate and wait on the curb for them to come unlock it. It´s kind of fun...
Inline image 1We have been having some of the youth come teach with us which is really pretty cool. One of the young women, Ashley, has come to a few of our lessons and it´s just really a neat experience for them to be there.  We taught a women yesterday about the message of the Gospel and our expectations in teaching. She was really receptive and asked when we could come again (we were teaching her at her friend´s home). That was really exciting, until we found out she´s not in our area! So frustrating. Hopefully the Elder´s in her area will take good care of her. You can tell she truly has a desire to learn.
Elder Bednar is coming on Thursday! So cool, right? Strange that I´d have to fly all the way to Peru to have one of the 12 come speak to me, yeah? haha It´ll be really good and I´m definitely excited to hear the message he has prepared.
We will be moving at the beginning of the month. It´s definitely larger that our room now. I´m not sure that it´s nicer, but it´s larger (: I am grateful to have somewhere to live however, and often feel spoiled as to my circumstances.
Well, I love you so much! Thank you for your prayers and support. I recognize every day how truly blessed I am to have such love in my life. I pray for you daily and hope you are all well.

With all my love,
Hermana Bug

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