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Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Hola padres! 

I have to buy a new camera...yeah...I got robbed. Don`t worry I`m fine. The sad part is I didn`t even realize it had happened until I got into the taxi. They are skillful here. So I`ve got to buy a new camera...and card. So I will be pulling money out for that. 

When it comes to money and souvenirs, there really aren`t a lot of things in my mission that are very different, so I don`t know that I will end up with a lot. I have bought a few things, but all of the sweaters and niknaks really aren`t that common in my areas. We will see though.

8 months in Peru! What?! Crazy right? We will have changes again in one week. This last transfer went SO fast. We are pretty sure that Hermana Lasike will get changed which is a bummer, but it will be good for her to experience a new area. Each transfer and area is a good growing experience. 

We had success with the familia Davila this week! We had FHE with them at our pensionista`s house -- all of them. The dad included! It went well and then on Thursday we went -- kind of late... -- with the ward leaders for the birthday of their son. It went really well. We then stopped by Saturday and asked if they were coming to the church on Sunday. He said they were planning on it! And they came! All of them! Every stinking one. SUCCESS! I am so thrilled. We have a family. This is what I want most is for this family to be baptized as a family. Please say lots of prayers!

I love you so much!  Love bug

***So we ended up having to get off early earlier because we had a practice for the Christmas program and there wasn´t very good communication, but here I am again!

We had a training meeting with Elder Grow. He is the seventy over our mission. It was a really cool experience. We are really focussing on the Work of Salvation. It no longer is the Missionary work, it´s for everybody. We got there about 8 in the morning and had lunch and everything -- they catered KFC haha -- and were there until 4 in the afternoon. It was definitely interesting and we are trying hard to do what we talked about. We are trying to focus on less active members. We have been promised that if we reactivate more, we will see more baptisms. It makes sense though doesn´t it?

On Saturday we drove to a city Carmen in Chimbote to help out a zone. They are looking at reopening an area and they needed help to go out and contact. It was a big group and they bussed us out to the little pueblo. As we were driving out I looked across the country side and it was almost like being home honestly -- corn fields, onion fields, minus the rice fields it all looked pretty familiar. It was really pretty. We arrived and we took cake house to house and got contacts. I think all in all it was a success. Even the smallest of things loved my and my skin though and I am struggling not to scar my legs from scratching them...hello fleas and mosquitoes. ouch.

I´m trying to think of what else...hmmm....oh yeah! The Christmas devotional. That was good right? I watched it in Spanish of course, but the messages were good and surprise! The Marler's were there! They are never in our area, but his counselor lives in our zone so it made sense to an extent. Anyway it was cool to see them. They always feel bad because they can´t spend too much time in Chimbote and the other areas. Their main area is Trujillo that they have to be, but it´s always fun to see them.

Well I love you. I hope all is well. Stay warm. Keep working and being happy. I love you muchly and love hearing from you. You sound well.

Love bug

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