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Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

HELLO! First off, I love you all. So much. You`re letters are killing me because I can tell that I would be in love with the weather at home right now. It`s not bad here, but since we`re semi coastal the wind is outta control most of the time and the wind brings the lovely smell of fish. But no, let me explain. Chimbote is KNOWN for it`s odor. It permeates everything. But they all say when you can smell fish, you know there`s money...
We were happy to have the baptisms of two amazing sisters this weekend. Hermanas Maria Esther and Evaling were baptized on Saturday night and Hermana Maria Esther was confirmed on Sunday. Hermana Evaling is pregnant and wasn`t feeling well so she wasn`t able to make it... It was hard, but I have faith that she will be there this week to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. We had great support from our ward as both of these Hermanas have time investigating the church. They will be strong members in the church and I`m excited to see more of their progress.
Hermana Evaling was a miracle because she was supposed to be married on Saturday in the matrimonio massivo, but for whatever reason, it fell through. Hermana Lasike and I went to her house to inform her, but we were doing everything we could to figure out another way to do it. When we went she wasn`t home and to be honest I was relieved a bit. To tell a woman that she still can`t get baptized because another matrimonio didn`t go through was a bit rough. Anyway, we later ran into her -- another miracle -- and she told us that her husband had gone to get the last of the papers finished up and they told him that they were already married! They just had to pay 12 soles for a few forms. I know that this was an answer to prayer and fasting. Another moment that touched my heart that the Lord is ever mindful of His children.
The familia Davila is doing well. The mom - Betty - and the son - Gian Franco - didn`t come to church on Sunday because she wasn`t feeling well and he had something for school, but Claudia her 12 year old came by herself! She also came to the baptism Saturday night. We went to visit them again after church and had a lesson. We plan on putting a date on them on Wednesday for either this Saturday or the next. Please just pray that her husband can continue to be more open.
Hermana Doris after not accepting a date, not accepting a date, not accepting a date...kind of accepted a date! Prayers please. We are hoping for this Saturday. She`s golden she`s just wanting to be sure.
We are seeing the hand of the Lord daily. We just need to always have faith that He hears and knows us. I was studying the story of the Brother of Jared this morning. I love Ether 2¨2. He is apologizing I feel for his fallen state and his imperfections, but in the end he says he knows that prayer is a commandment. It doesn`t matter our imperfections, our struggles, or joys or pains, He has commanded us to tell us about it through prayer. hmmm...I think He`s the best. ever.
I love you all. I pray for you. I love reading about your lives, even though maybe you think I don`t. I do.
Love Hermana Butterfield


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