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Friday, March 29, 2013

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March 29, 2013
Hola mi familia!
It sounds like you had a very exciting and productive weekend in Utah with family stuff! I hope things are well with everyone and I send them my love!
I just have to start out by saying how much I absolutely love you! What a blessing we can be together forever! It's going to be a blast and I am so excited!

I think it was Monday that it snowed. It has been absolutely gorgeous and then it snowed! Which was pretty, but some of the flowers that had been growing and blooming died. So sad. I will attach some pictures of my feelings, but I have to explain the one where I'm laughing. I knelt down to take a sad picture with the daphodil and some elders walked by. One of them laughed and said that was one of the saddest pictures he'd ever seen. He said they had been watching that flower grow for the last week and they had felt the same way -- I couldn't help it and I laughed and H. Jaeger snapped a picture. The flowers are all alive and well now, though (:

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I am so so so excited about Easter! Thank you mom for sending me my "carrot" (: I was so happy when it came (sorry it cost so much to send -- but I'm grateful regaurdless). My companion and two of the other Hermanas are singing in the choir for Easter! I am way pumped. The number is absolutely incredible and it gives me chills to be singing like that. I wish we could record it... sorry. I miss singing a lot, but Hermana Bendixen and I have started singing a lot of the Hymns in Spanish so that's really fun. Anyway, back to Easter. Not only are we singing on Easter, but the entire CCM is going to have a massive Sacrament meeting! Ok -- let me help you realize -- there will be 100 elders passing the Sacrament. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! All of us missionaries together in one room remembering and taking part in one of the greatest ordinances we have. It gives me chills to think about. I am learning ever more the great love I have for the Sacrament. What a wonderful opportunity we have to renew our covenants with the Lord and a time to remember all that He has done for us. Easter is such a wonderful reminder that this life is not the end because HE LIVES!
And can I just say how blessed I feel to be able to be in the CCM for Easter and General Conference? I can not wait. I hope that we all prepare for what the Prophets and Apostles have prepared for us. We have living prophets and apostles who lead and guide us today -- what a blessing!
Our time in TRC (we teach members for about 20 minutes 2 each week) and with our Progressive Investigators is improving. It's not awesome, but it's improving. We had a really pretty good lesson with Daniel about the restoration. The lesson was great, we just have to work on applying it to him specifically. We had planned on it -- we just didn't get to it -- it's hard to do in Spanish haha.
My last full week is next week! Can you believe that?! I have been here for just over a month. There's a good chance we will recieve our travel plans later today -- and Hermana Bendixen and I will probably get reassignments. I haven't heard anything about my visa nor have I heard about meeting with the Consolate (I'm not sure on spelling :/ ). It's kind of stressful not knowing where I will be -- I feel somehow more anxious about my reassignment that my initial call which seems a bit strange. I know that I will go where the Lord needs me. An Elder Smith in our zone was just sent to Ogden so maybe he'll be where Grandma is.
A few things -- Elder Seymore in my District got really sick -- huge white lump in the back of his throat, you could see it without a flashlight. Strep AND mono! Isn't that the worst!? What are the odds? Poor kid. I have never heard him complain once. He's on meds and is doing well.
I just love the Spring. I love the fresh air. I love waking up with the window open to birds. I love watching the birds jump and fly around. I love seeing the grass and the smell of it when it's cut. It always makes me think of our Savior's love for us and all He has given to us. I get my District to have picnics quite a bit which is so fun even though I get burnt after being out for 20 minutes -- it's so worth it! Peru is going to love my sensitive skin, I can already tell. Hermana Bendixen and I had a few minutes before class after dinner yesterday and we just found a patch of grass and just laid on it. It was so warm and nice and it made me think about James' LAX tournament in Lewiston. Good days.
One of the teachers shared a quote with me the other day that said, "...I invite you to come follow in [the Savior's]  footsteps. With each step you take, I testify that the Lord will strengthen you. He will help you come the rest of the way. Then when obstacles appear, you will keep going. When doubt comes, you will keep going. You will never turn back. You will never fall away." {One Step Closer to the Savior -- Elder Russell T. Osguthorpe} I love that. Please, with all of my heart, I ask you to follow the Lord. His way is the only way. It is not always easy nor is it always popular, but it is what is necessary. I love you all so much. I hope you know that. You are my life and what helps me continue.
Love always,
Hermana Butterfield (BUG)

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